January 29’ths episode of Scandal was told from Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) point-of-view about how she was kidnapped.  It left you wondering what was happening in Washington.  February 5, we got our answer.

Of course it involved the Oval Office.  Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) was told what to do by pretty much everyone from his Secret Service detail who promptly announced they were ‘watching’ him to the Vice President.  He agreed to the war in West Angola in order to get Olivia back.  Mellie (Bellamy Young) meanwhile revealed she was still sleeping with the Vice President, and used that to get a hold of both of his phones.

The rest of the gladiators (Huck, Jake, and Quinn) seized on any clue they could beginning with a video message from Olivia.  They quickly found out who held Olivia, and where.  But by the time Jake was able to get the cavalry, she had already been moved.

The episode ends with indications Olivia might be about to rescue herself without help from either of her white knights.

Scandal Musings

  • I had the feeling Fitz was playing for time, and playing Cyrus
  • “I’m saving Olivia Pope-” David Rosen (Joshua Molina).
  • “Your boyfriend’s a grade a tool”- Fitz
  • It didn’t end well for Helen of Troy

Scandal airs on ABC, and CityTV Thursdays at 9pm EST