It was a busy Monday for our federal politicians.  It started early with a 9:30am press conference on Parliament Hill called by leader Justin Trudeau.  He entered, followed by Eve Adams.

Eve Adams was until yesterday a Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) in the riding of Mississauga South, and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health.  She crossed the floor because she “could no longer support mean-spirited leadership that divides people instead of bringing them together.”

Her pronouncement looked odd, and petty.  It was odd because Stephen Harper has been pretty much the same guy over the last 9 years; if she thought him mean-spirited there has been plenty of time for her to say so before now.

It was petty because stories in the press over the last day indicate there were recent meetings between Adams and  party officials.  During one of them party officials told Adams she wouldn’t be allowed to run for the party anywhere.  And during another with Harper she argued she would bring in more memberships.  Set against this backdrop a floor-crossing looks like a tantrum.

And then we have Justin Trudeau.  Trudeau is the leader of the third-place party, and likely hungry for new members any way he can get them… even if it means that new member has to betray constituents in order to join the party.  But is Adams really the prize here?

Adams is engaged to Dimitri Soudas.  Soudas served as Executive Director of the Conservative Party, and for a while as Harper’s Communications Advisor.  It isn’t a stretch to think he knows a lot about Stephen Harper, and isn’t afraid to use it.  He’s been limited to a role on Adams’ campaign for now, but his knowledge of Harper’s inner circle might make him the real prize.

Adams is  a bit of a wild card. When she ran for a nomination in the riding of Oakville North-Burlington she was accused of fraud by another candidate.  Stories like this are hard to shake off especially when added to a floor crossing. It speaks to the trust issue for constituents and voters. It should give Trudeau pause to wonder if this is really the type of person he wants to represent his party?

This story has no end leaving us with nothing but questions.  Will Even Adams be able to beat Joe Oliver? Will Dimitri Soudas use his knowledge of Harper’s inner circle to help Trudeau? The answers to these and more I’m sure will come sometime before or during the campaign.