Or: Gladiators to the Rescue.  The February 19th episode focused on the rescue of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington).  Conflicting White House storylines saw Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) plotting to use CIA assets to rescue Olivia, while Cyrus (Jeff Perry) dealt with the reality she may need to be killed before she’s handed over.

Meanwhile the Vice President Andrew (John Tenney) reached the end of his luck as Mellie (Bellamy Young) used Lizzie (Portia De Rossi) to do some dirty work.  “I slept with him to save your life” she hissed.  Lizzie responded by getting Huck (Guillermo Diaz) to drug the man making it look like a stroke.

The Gladiators had a busy episode with the auction.  When they lost the bid to the Russians it was time for Jake to pay a visit to Papa Pope (aka Rowan… played by Joe Morton), to plea for his daughter’s life.  It was a complete waste of time, “I have no daughter” he told Jake.

Meanwhile at the White House, Abby (Darby Stanchfield)  found herself on the outside looking in as she complained to David.  Eventually she not only figured out what was about to happen (Cyrus’ plot), but also a way to stop it, and rescue her friend.  She called favour from a former Gladiator Stephen (Henry Ian Cuisick), who worked out of St. Petersburg, Russia.  And so Stephen came to the rescue.

The final scene was a confrontation between Fitz, and Olivia nearly two episodes in the making at Olivia’s apartment. Fitz looked physically beaten as she told him what she’d been through.  “There are worse things than rape,” she told him.

Scandal Musings:

  • Abby bugs me: It seems as if she’s switched the “Olivia friendship” button on the last couple of episodes after forgetting about it the whole season.
  • Olivia has a type: Stephen, Fitz, and Jake: All tall, dark-haired, handsome.  Stephen has the edge though; there’s something about the British accent.
  • The rant that wasn’t: “You moron, you child, when are you going to learn?” Cyrus imagined quitting, and walking away from his job.

Next episode is in two weeks.  In the meantime check out this  preview: