I’m a huge fan of the show Arrow.  It stars Stephen Amell in the dual role of Oliver Queen, and DC Superhero Green Arrow.  Amell has his own Facebook page that now has over 3 million followers.

That’s a large number by any standards.  He posts behind-the-scenes photos, and the occasional spoiler on it. But he also uses it for charity.  He’s done two T-shirt campaigns already.  The first was  F-cancer, and began when he visited Toronto while his mom underwent chemotherapy treatments; he took a picture of himself giving the finger to the camera, and tweeted it.

In 2014 he launched a T-shirt campaign with the photo on it with the proceeds going to the F-Cancer charity.  He sold over 60 thousand shirts, and raised $120 thousand.  Its success has led to a second ongoing campaign benefitting two charities: Stand for the Silent, and Paws & Stripes.  Stand for the Silent is a charity dedicated to making people aware of bullying, and giving them the tools to stop it.  Paws & Stripes focuses on pairing dogs with American veterans suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder).

A lot of celebrities can be so full of themselves sometimes.  It’s refreshing to come across one who is genuine, caring, and uses his fame to do some  good in the world.  Click here to access his Facebook Page. He’s on Twitter with the handle @amellywood.