This week started with a revelation: “Some nice woman comes in, and says the single most terrifying sentence I have ever heard. I have B613 files,” David Rosen (Joshua Malina) told Jake at Olivia’s offices.  The nice woman had proof courtesy of her husband: David’s own, completely colour-coded file folders.

Diego Munoz is Huck (played by Guillermo Diaz)’s real name, and the woman in David’s office was his wife; a lawyer.  Huck immediately owned up to it, and told the other two he ‘had his reasons,’ for giving his wife the files. David couldn’t leave it alone, and eventually brought Huck in to testify.  Huck ended up telling them the truth about the hole.

The “Olivia” storyline found her, and Quinn tracking down the body of her neighbour Lois.  Lois’ friend was convinced something had happened to her; Olivia already knew she’d been shot by Olivia’s kidnappers.  Olivia ended up telling the friend Lois died on a park bench.

Meanwhile at the White House Abby, and Leo were trying to fix Susan Ross and make her more palatable with the good cop (Abby), and bad cop (Leo).  Leo was fired from the gig causing some problems on the domestic front.  By episode’s end Susan was V.P, and David decided to continue the inquiry.  The final scene found Olivia on her sofa with a glass of wine, and pop corn.

Scandal Musings:

  • David to Jake, and Huck: “Don’t talk about murder in front of the Attorney-General.”
  • Not digging Leo and Abby together
  • I found the whole scene where David’s telling Jake, and Huck about the files kind of funny in a sarcastic way.

Next week an appearance from Leah Dunham