It’s Good to Be Kink found the special guest star Lena Dunham pushed into a starring role this episode as a down-on-her luck Washington staffer  Sue fired after she refused her boss’s advances.  Sue spends time on a kinky website, and has lured a lot of Washington insiders, and  writes a tell-all book about her many affairs changing the names.

Enter OPA, and a race to find out who’s in the book.  They include Senators, judges, and even David Rosen, and Leo Bergen.  Both of which had ties to Abby; David as her ex, Leo as her current boyfriend.  Realizing how tied to both men she is Abby offers her resignation to Cyrus.  The nearly pay her off, but when Quinn, and Huck go to drop off the money, Huck has a moment of panic over the possibility of losing his own freedom, and kills Sue.

Put a Ring On It:

A Cyrus-centred episode based around his wedding to Michael, who popped up drunk at Olivia Pope & Associates’ office.  It seems he was spotted a gay bar making out with some guy.  The guy was ready to go on Sally Langston’s TV show and tell his story.

That made an immediate marriage the episode’s priority.  And the wedding conveniently fit in with Mellie’s political ambitions by setting her apart from her husband. It set the stage for flashbacks galore to Cyrus’ previous two marriages, and revealed Michael as a lonely soul.

Olivia meanwhile is still going through Post-traumatic stress disorder after her kidnapping.  She has trouble sleeping, and we see her dreaming of her and Fitz, and Cyrus’ second wedding when he presents her with a ring.  Frantically she searches her apartment for it, and eventually finds it.  At the wedding, they lock eyes, and we realize all might not be lost for them.

Scandalous Musings:

It’s Good to be Kink:

  • Both episodes have political undertones on gender, dealing with to an extent: gender and equality issues.  Abby had an amazing rant about double-standards where women are so often defined by who they date.
  •  I find Lena Dunham obnoxious.  I wasn’t that upset when Huck killed her.

Put a Ring On It:

  • Is there anything more political, and highly charged in the United States than Gay Marriage? The idea a TV show holds a wedding in the White House makes a real statement.
  • Doesn’t the fact Sally Langston killed her husband pretty much trump anything she has on anyone at the White House?

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