Jake (Scott Foley) is bent (?).  Olivia’s team had every reason to think so, after  he killed  B613 agents, and held David Rosen (Joshua Malina) in a stranglehold in his office as he invited him to sign an immunity deal.  That cued a plot to kill Jake; Quinn, and Huck tracing him  right to the end.

But appearances are deceiving.  Jake’s act was all to flush out a mole from David’s office; another B613 agent who killed the others at the safe house at “Command (aka Papa Pope, aka Joe Morton)’s order.  Jake ended up shooting the undercover agent in the parking lot: “We’re the good guys, but you won’t always be able to tell,” Jake said in the episode’s final moments.

Olivia meanwhile was busy with her alternate life as Alex- “When do I get to start calling you Olivia?” She wakes up with a strange man in her bed.  At the office it became business as usual as her team was confronted with the case of a father jailed for avenging his daughter’s suicide by murdering the man who sexually assaulted her.  Except, he didn’t do it, his son a Congressman did.

As the day ends Olivia hears two knocks at her door.  She answers it to find the strange man, standing with her father.  Rowan’s back just as David prepares to get rid of B613.  So who is the nameless lover? What does he have to do with Rowan?

Scandalous Musings:

  • Rowan’s back! The show always picks up a few notches with him in it.
  • “We are the white hats.  We are the good guys.  We don’t quit.  We get justice”- David Rosen
  • What juicy gossip does Mellie’s sister have on her?

Next week: No episode airs April 9.