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I put the question mark in front of the title because I question his motives.  Is he doing this because he really, honestly believes his life would be better if he were a woman? Or is he doing this as part of some misguided quest to stay relevant in pop-culture?

If it’s the former, he doesn’t need to look any further than his own daughters to see how untrue that is. Life isn’t easier for women.  Women, especially famous women are often defined based on their looks.  The Kardashians’ show is more about modelling, and what gig they’re doing next, than about school (for the young ones), or any kind of worldly thoughts.

It’s just sad, if it’s the latter.  It speaks more to a man who has had his soul tromped on more times than he count, and can’t remember his life before being married to Kris Kardashian.  He was an Olympian by the way, who won a gold medal in Decathlon in the Montreal Olympic games.  If he’s looking for a life beyond the Kardashians, why not turn back to athletics and teach or coach or something.

Jenner is walking a really fine line here. Transitioning to a woman isn’t a process to be taken lightly.  I have a friend who did it only after struggling for years with her identity as man.  If Bruce is serious about this, he could definitely bring Transgender issues to light through the reality show.  And that would be amazing.  He could achieve the same thing by doing it privately, and then coming out to talk about it.

On the other side if this is just a stunt for ratings it cheapens the process, and the anguish people face everyday.  And that would be tragic  Proceed with caution Bruce Jenner.