Spoilers Ahead… Ye have been warned…

When it first started Grey’s Anatomy was one of my can’t miss shows of the week.  I bore with it through the Addison/Derek/Meredith triangle, through all the Izzie/Denny stuff, George’s death, Burke’s departure.  Everything.

And then it started to conflict with another show I watched, so I gave it a break accept for a few episodes here, and there.  This season I watched the April/Jackson stuff, and Bailey plots.  Every episode I watched, I wondered where Derek was and why Patrick Dempsey left the show.  I even tweeted about it a couple of times.

When he returned it was to Meredith, telling her she was all he ever wanted.  They were happy, and in love.  Planning a future together- until last night’s episode that is.  It was all about  Derek; playing hero; saving lives before tragically losing his own.

What made it shocking, was the suddenness.  Reaching for his cell phone, preparing to play hero, and then bam a semi hits him and he’s sent to hospital. The ordinary meets extraordinary in one horrific moment.  One mistake leading to another, in a classic Grey’s moment.  And then seeing Meredith on autopilot ordering the tubes taken out, saying good-bye.

I was screaming “no” inside as it happened. I’m still in shock over it… the show is called Grey’s Anatomy for goodness sake. The one person you’d expect to have a happy ending is Meredith Grey.  The one couple Shonda Rhimes has spent the better part of 11 years building up as the show’s foundation should be together.

I don’t know if I want to keep watching.  This has left me with mixed feelings.  On the one hand, I get it. There were only so many different directions you could take Derek Shepard before the character gets boring or you start repeating yourself.  And maybe the time has come to make that major change to the show before it goes completely stale.

On the other, I think  Rhimes has gone too far with this one.  There are other ways to write him out; take another job, put him in a coma.  Death just seems too permanent for a couple you’ve spent years writing for.  They were The Couple on this show; the only way for his death to make any sense is to write Meredith out too.  It’s Grey-Sloan Hospital after all, the anatomy part can be used to refer to the doctors/ nurses who work there.