The Greater Toronto Area (G.T.A) takes the world stage later this week as it hosts the Pan-Am Games.  There should be excitement; this should be all anyone is talking about.  Instead it’s being greeted with much grumbling, and complaining.

It’s not the Games’ fault. There are always great performances, and compelling stories surrounding events like this.  And nobody can deny the cool factor of seeing your town on international television.  Or even the satisfaction of hearing our country/ city complimented by people from other countries.

It’s us.  From the very beginning this enterprise has been plagued by problems.  Whether it’s entitled officials who charge .91 cents for parking, or not knowing the full cost to taxpayers.

And then there’s the transportation plan. The government of Ontario expects us to work flex hours, telecommute, take transit or carpool and use the HOV lanes.  They hope this will take enough cars off the road to make a difference.  Hope isn’t a strategy, it’s a feeling.

The signage is a problem as well.  Saturday, I was driving on Derry Rd, there are signs up for MIV.  What’s that?  I suspect it’s something to do with the shuttle pick-up/ drop off point for the velodrome because it’s near the Sports Centre.  It’s good to get us used to the signage early.  But it would be even better if they told us what it meant.

All of these problems have combined to create a sense of apathy.  A desire for it to be over, and done with.  Don’t take it personally Pan-Am Games. It’s not you, it’s us.