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For any international competition the opening, and closing ceremonies should be a window on the host country; an expression of their heritage or a slice of what life is like in the city.  The opening ceremonies had their moments where they did  that.  The multicultural dancers at the start were very Toronto,  but other than that they didn’t quite do it.  I found myself thinking that in a country with such a rich it’s a shame they didn’t feature more singing.

It’s now up to the closing ceremonies.  Earlier this week Games’ officials announced Kanye West as the featured performer.  I’m not a fan of his music, and it doesn’t help that every time he’s on an awards show he comes off as being a self-centred, insulting, ill-mannered guy.  Can anyone name the last album he put out? the last song was a duet(?) or trio with Rhianna and Paul McCartney.  He’s not someone I’d picture as closing ceremonies’ material much less someone that says “Canada”.  He’s a polarizing guy in a way Canadians aren’t.

It should be a Canadian on the top of the bill.  We have someone kind of like Kayne, with strong ties to the city, and a huge fan base.  His name’s Drake; did nobody ask him? Or what about Arcade Fire? Or the Trews, Sam Roberts Band, Rush, Blue Rodeo, Bryan Adams, K’naan, Barenaked Ladies, Feist, Keizia, The Guess Who, Bachman-Turner Overdrive? The list of artists who could fill the top spot is endless.  Were any of them asked? This could be the biggest kitchen party this side of St. John’s.

Live Nation is paying most of West’s appearance fee rumoured to be around $500 thousand.  How much does the bid committee contribute? And is this coming out of taxpayer dollars?  As an Ontario taxpayer I find the idea  of contributing to Kayne West insulting.  If you’re going to use my money to pay for it, get a Canadian artist, and foot the full bill.