profile-picIt looks like Toronto will likely enter its name for the 2024 Olympics.  Why?

We have the infrastructure in place, that much is true.  The velodrome opened to rave reviews, helped by the Canadian cycling team all of whom won medals.  By that measure it was successful.  All facilities will continue being used long after these games have gone in some form.  The velodrome will be used as a training facility for the national team, and fitness facilities for the town of Milton.  From this standpoint an Olympic bid makes perfect sense

There are still cards to fall in this one though.  Mainly the final cost, mostly borne by taxpayers.  We don’t know what the final number is yet, and I don’t think that will be known by the end of September.  Instead of bidding right away we should know how much this one cost.  Look at the games as a whole; evaluate the successes, and failures.  Ask ourselves was it worth it?  Such introspection should take a while if done right.  And maybe it should discount us from a 2024 bid.

And then look ahead. The Olympics would bring a certain pomp, and pageantry.  It would bring excitement, and even a certain amount of chaos.  The roads in this area are used as major trading routes between Canada and the USA.  They’re choked a lot of the time, under the construction.  How can we expect twice the athletes, officials, etc.. to get around on them?

The obvious answer is of course transit.  But in a region that is notorious for being unable to decide on a single transit plan is that likely? If Toronto bids on the 2024 Olympics would it be to force action on this portfolio?  Because if it is, then maybe we shouldn’t be bidding for the games.  We should build transit because there’s a need for it.

Take a break Toronto.  Be honest with yourselves about what made these games a success. If you still want it, go for the 2028 games.