Escarpment View looking north from the velodrome
Escarpment View looking north from the velodrome

There’s an article being posted on social media called: 5 Reasons NOT to move to Milton from Mississauga. As I read it I thought of an old joke I had about growing up here; the point of Milton was to get out of it.  Of course I grew up here in the late 80s’/90’s, and there wasn’t much for kids here in those days except the mall , and a movie theatre.

I went all the way through school with the same group of kids parting ways in Grade 13 (aka OAC).  We all separated, some going to University others to college.  I went to Laurier Brantford, and spent 3 years living away from home.  And then I came back, and began to realize that living in Milton isn’t that bad.

My high-school classmates, and their families live in the newer areas of town. I still bump into them different places.  And now the joke has become: “only in Milton.”  Because I don’t think you can get that solid base; that feeling of home many other places.  And it’s that intangible feeling that attracts people as much as the lower taxes, or escarpment views.

I graduated Sheridan’s Journalism- New Media in 2008.  We were told that sometimes we had to leave Toronto to get back there.  Jobs were scarce and I’d opened myself up to the possibility of leaving Milton. I even had interviews for a couple positions in Saskatchewan.  In the meantime I was determined to make the best of the situation, and that meant volunteering.  As I got more involved in my community that nameless feeling only grew.

Go ahead and laugh at us.  Remind us of what we don’t have, and what all of our problems are.  Because those of us who live here know exactly the kind of community we have. And that my friends is a big reason to move to Milton.