Election Digest Week 1:

Week one of the campaign is in the books here’s a snapshot of what it was like:

  1. The writ dropped: Sunday August 2, Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with Governor-General David Johnston and asked him to formally dissolve Parliament.  This triggered the 42nd general election or as it’s known on Twitter #elxn42.  Harper spoke, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair spoke, Green Party Elizabeth May spoke.  Justin Trudeau was on a plane flying to Vancouver.

2. The First Debate: Macleans Magazine held the first debate of the campaign on Thursday.  It was more spirited than such things usually are.  Harper was weak on the economy leaving Mulcair an opening.  Mulcair was weak on National Unity leaving Trudeau an opening.  May showed off her knowledge on the issues.  Here’s a funny  look at the debate from Buzzfeed on all the hand gestures.  To watch the debate visit youtube

3. Promises Made: Conservatives have promised to make the home renovation tax credit permanent if re-elected.  Home owners will be able to claim up to 15% of ‘substantial’ renovations between $1000-$5000 allowing a rebate of up to $600/ year.  Conservatives ended the week promising to make it illegal for Canadians to travel to places with Terrorist regimes   Liberals promise to cut income-splitting for families, put a price on carbon pollution, and stop the bombing mission in Iraq.  For a full breakdown check out this link from the Ottawa Citizen.

4. Milton Riding: 1,2,3,4 Hey everyone it’s a sign war.  Within minutes of the campaign period becoming official Milton Conservative Candidate Lisa Raitt had signs up.  Followed by Liberal Candidate Azim Rizvee.  Halton Regional Council passed a bylaw banning election signs from regional roads. Read about it by heading to halton.ca. and searching election signs.  Stay tuned to this space for more about Milton riding

Looking Ahead:

  1. The Ghost of Senate Appointments Past: Mike Duffy’s criminal trial resumes this week.  Former PMO staffer Nigel Wright is testifying.  How will his remarks influence the election? Will Prime Minister Harper be called to testify?

2. Strength of Conviction: Thomas Mulcair launches his autobiography today.