A trial, A Toronto Sun cover, and candidate moves.  It’s week 2 in the 42nd general election.

1) Duffy Trial: Mike Duffy resumed his trial on fraud charges, and taking a bribe.  Since last Wednesday former Chief-Of-Staff Nigel Wright has been on the stand.  It’s made this the controversy hard to ignore for the leaders’ on the campaign trail.

2) Policy Announcements: Liberals announce $2.6 billion in funding for First Nations’ education.  The money will be spread out over 4 years, with an additional $500 million over the following three years.  Media reports Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau vowing to “make up for 10 long lost years.”  More about the promise click here

3) “Caring” about the economy: Meanwhile Trudeau wants toCMSZu4xUYAALBSJ “grow the economy from the heart outwards.”  I think that means the middle class outwards? Or Ontario outwards? Possible translations aside it prompted numerous jokes on social media, and the Toronto Sun to create this cover.

4) Candidate moves: The N.D.P. lose one candidate in Atlantic Canada to the Green Party.  They name a former Finance Minister of Saskatchewan Andrew Thomson to run against Finance Minister Joe Oliver in Eglinton-Lawrence.

Meanwhile in Milton…

1) Azim Rizvee:  The Liberal candidate opens his campaign office at 7500 Derry Rd.  For those that don’t know it’s the old Fire Hall along Derry Road west of the Sports Centre.  Conservative Candidate Lisa Raitt’s office is on Main St near Martin.  The N.D.P. Green Party, and Libertarian Party have yet to open one.

2) C.N:  The federal government has officially sent the Intermodal project to a review panel.  The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is making participant funding available for those who wish to take part.  For more information visit this link.

Coming up:

  1. Wright’s testimony: Duffy’s defense lawyer Donald Bayne continues the cross-examination.