Here’s a taste of what happened in week 4:

  1. Ray Novak: CTV Reporter Robert Fife  found the man mentioned multiple times in testimony at the Mike Duffy Trial by Nigel Wright, and Benjamin Perrin.  Novak insists he didn’t know about the $90 thousand cheque, and says he’ll speak about it at the ‘appropriate time.’  Watch the video here.

2.  Promises made: The Liberals announced extra money for infrastructure in Oakville.  They’re promising to double investment over the next 10 years taking it from $65 billion to nearly $125 billion.  This includes extra money for provinces to spend on transit.  Meanwhile the N.D.P. are promising to increase a guaranteed income supplement for seniors’ by a total of $400 million, and lower the age of eligibility to 65 from 67. A regional promise from Stephen Harper of money to improve port facilities.

3. A deficit you say? The Liberals also admitted if elected their infrastructure promise will lead to a deficit of approximately $10 billion/ year over the next three years. Honesty is a rare commodity in politics, but tragically it doesn’t get people elected.  Read more here

4. Mohamed Fahmy: The Canadian Journalist was sentenced to 3 years in a high-security Egyptian prison following a trial on charges of “spreading false news,” and allegations he belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Canadian officials are said to be negotiating for either a pardon or his deportation from Egypt. Meanwhile, Fahmy’s wife is calling for support of a #HarpercallEgypt hashtag on social media.

Meanwhile in Milton…

  1. Signs appear: N.D.P. candidate Alex Anabusi is starting to put his signs out.  To see a picture click here.
  2.  First piece of Campaign literature (that I’ve seen): A door-knocker from Liberal candidate Azim Rizvee  appeared on the door of many homes this past weekend.

Next time: The campaign starts getting serious as the halfway point approaches.