Shelly King’s first novel follows the adventures of Maggie Duprés, a southern belle in Silicon Valley.  After being fired or “separated from the payroll” of a company she helped found she’s left listless and wondering what her future holds.

That’s where the Dragonfly Bookstore comes in.  Maggie holds a degree in Library Sciences, and spends most of her time there reading.  When her best friend persuades her to join a book club it changes everything.  Their first novel is Lady Chatterley’s Lover.  Everyone has the same version of the book accept Maggie.  Hers is tattered, the spine broken.  But in the margins are love notes between Henry & Catherine.  Who are they? The question leads Maggie on a journey that will change her life.

This is one of the best books I’ve read this year.  The riddle of Catherine & Henry isn’t solved by the end of the novel but I don’t mind. Instead it’s romantic. It’s a demonstration of the power books to influence imagination.  Everyone wants the kind of love Catherine & Henry have and leaves readers with hope of finding it.

I’ve mentioned in other reviews how hard it is to write first person narration.  Shelly King does both with wit, and humour.  I found the story extremely relatable.  It helps that the author has a similar background to the main character demonstrating the ages old adage of writing what you know.

This gets a grade of: 10/10.