Riding profile: Milton

Milton Riding is one of 15 new Ontario ridings.  Its boundaries echo the Town of Milton, and includes parts of northwest Burlington as well north of Dundas.

Current M.P.:  Lisa Raitt.

Candidates (in alphabetical order)

New Democratic Party (N.D.P.): Alex Anabusi

Green Party: Mini Batra

Libertarian Party: Chris Jewell

Conservative: Lisa Raitt

Liberal: Azim Rizvee


  • Economy: Target’s closure struck a double-blow to Milton with job losses at the store, and in their warehouse.  Sobeys’  has announced plans for restructuring, and this may affect their Milton warehouse as well.
  •  Infrastructure: Milton is one of the fast-growing communities in the country With a  population projected to be well over 200 thousand by 2031.  With the growth   comes infrastructure needs including new and repaired roads, as well as transit.
  •  Immigration: Anecdotally there are enough stories of  badly filled out forms, and declined claims to indicate there is something worth looking at.  Whether it’s how to make the process easier, or standardizing it.  The Refugee system could use a closer look as well.
  •  C.N.: Canadian National Rail (C.N. Rail) has plans for a 400 acre Intermodal facility in the south end of Milton.  The company has chosen to ignore the proper planning processes set out in provincial legislation.  Because rail is a federally regulated industry  it’s moving on with a federally regulated process set-out by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (C.E.A.A.). The approach has ruffled a few feathers because the land was already designated for strategic employment by the Town of Milton, and Region of Halton.  Both Halton Regional and Milton Council oppose it.  Two citizens’ groups have formed: Milton Says No, and Milton R.A.I.L. (Residents Affected by Intermodal Lines).

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