Two for the price of one this week.

1.”Old Stock Canadians”: A curious turn of phrase from Conservative Leader Stephen Harper towards the end of that debate.  In a country built on immigrants what does it mean? The question is still unanswered.

2. Alex Johnstone: An N.D.P. candidate in Hamilton made waves as she admitted she didn’t know what Auschwitz was after an embarrassing Facebook post surfaced from 2008 in which she compared wired fencing to a phallic symbol.   She apologized, and is reaching out to Jewish groups.  Auschwitz is an infamous concentration camp used by the Nazis as part of their “final solution” during World War II.

3. How much will the N.D.P. platform cost? The New Democratic Party (N.D.P) become the first of the three major parties to provide numbers.  Included is a hike in the corporate tax hike as of January 1, 2016 from 15-17%.  Other numbers: The cost of the childcare plan rising from $694 million its first year to 2.6 billion in its third year.  The price-tag on post-secondary education aid rises from $140 million to $586 million.  Critics are saying it doesn’t add up.  Decide for yourself by clicking here

4. Promises made: The Liberals promised to help Seniors by boosting the C.P.P. and income supplement while reducing the eligible age from 67 back to 65 years old.  Conservatives meanwhile promise to cut payroll tax, and to create a net 1.3 million jobs by 2020.  The N.D.P. focuses on healthcare with a promise to add $500 million to hire new healthcare professionals, and add, as well as renovate health clinics.  Part 2 of healthcare is Pharmacare; a national drug plan priced at $2.6 billion over four years.

Meanwhile in Milton…

1.Sign mystery: Reports of signs belonging to all parties being vandalized or broken often with one side hanging off a post.  Remember this is considered a crime; report broken signs to candidates’ offices.  Contact Information: Lisa Raitt (Conservative) campaign office:  289-878-7590, email:  Azim Rizvee (Liberal) campaign office: 647-889-3260, email:  Alex Anabusi (N.D.P.): 416-558-3859, email:, Chris Jewell (Libertarian): 289-627-1951 email:

2. First All-Candidates meeting: The Milton Chamber of Commerce hosted the first all-candidates meeting. All five candidates attended discussing issues ranging from the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan, to rural Internet and infrastructure funding.  There is a second scheduled for September 30, 2015 7-9:30pm at the Milton Seniors’ Centre.  Be informed, have your voice heard.

3. Milton R.A.I.L. (Residents Affected by Intermodal Lines) issues an open letter to all federal candidates of this riding regarding the Intermodal facility.  Read it here.

That rounds up the last two weeks.  Up next during week 9: A Foreign Affairs debate.  Did it finally inch the polls forward?