The Cosby Show was a staple of my childhood.  It was funny, with a side of life lessons.  It’s one of those shows that has stood the test of time; I don’t think there will ever be a remake of it.

It last aired in new episodes over 20 years ago (1992). Since then, Cosby has maintained an active stand-up career even in the midst of events  been happening now.  There have been accusations of sexual assault by over 50 different women against him.  In some legal documents he’s admitted to obtaining Quaaludes.

His alleged actions are unforgiveable.  The important part of that previous sentence is “alleged actions.”  Nothing has been proven in a court of law, only the court of public opinion.

And that’s my problem.   If these allegations are proven true in court, there’s no doubt he should face jail time for his crimes.  It’s unfair to be trying him first in the court of public opinion.  We devalue the allegations, and the women who made them.

When did it become okay to have someone tried in the court of public opinion before the courts had their say? Courts should always take the lead.

Cosby’s lost a lot of his credibility, gigs, and his legacy.  Networks have dropped reruns of “The Cosby Show,” former cast members have distanced themselves from him.  Hollywood will never see him the same way again.  He seems like a man for whom this will be punishment enough.