Love is at the core of The Dress Shop of Dreams by Menna van Praag.  It follows Etta Sparks, a Cambridge, England dress shop owner who sews a little extra magic into each dress.  Etta’s life has been touched by the tragedy of her daughter’s death in mysterious circumstances leaving her with her granddaughter Cora.

Cora is a scientist, seeing the world through often detached eyes.  Etta’s wish is to open her heart to the love of a childhood friend, and deal with the unresolved issues surrounding her parents’ death.

Memorable characters, and compelling subplots populate the story making it a heartfelt, and perfect for every hopeless romantic.



People’s faith is tested in Nick Cutter’s novel “The Acolyte.”  Its title refers to a special type of police force in  New Bethlehem is tasked with eliminating all “heretical faiths”.

The story is told from Jonah Murtag’s  point of view.  It follows him through his journey from blindly following his orders to questioning the truth behind many of his beliefs.  A sarcastic sense

This book isn’t for everyone.  It falls into the “horror” genre taking place in a dystopian society. It explores what happens when religion is used to control people.  There are some explicitly violent scenes that make parts of it disturbing.