For my generation David Bowie was best known as an actor.  He was Tesla in The Prestige, and The Goblin King in the Labyrinth.  He even played himself several movies, and TV shows.

I knew him best for Under Pressure.  It was a classic duet with Freddie Mercury, and Queen (a fantastic version of which can be heard here).  I know Space Oddity from Canadian Idol when Jacob Hoggard of Hedley performed it one night on the show.  It was performed again by astronaut Chris Hadfield in space.

On Monday I listened to Bowie’s final album: Blackstar.  It had a psychedelic ’70s sound with a driving drum beat.  Its dark lyrics gave it a gothic vibe, reinforced by the videos.  It was an album by a man who knew he was dying especially: Lazarus.

Bowie was a man who saw the beauty in everything, including death.