I saw this chart on LinkedIn.  It represents a survey of 1200 workers across different generations, studying their strengths and weaknesses.  Millennials are well ahead on tech savviness, and nothing else.  It describes Millennials as lazy, unproductive, self-obsessed on the negative side.  On the positive side it describes them as enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, and opportunistic.

It would be interesting to see the breakdown of this.  How many people from the other generations did they ask about millennials? It seems like the description might be based more on the perceptions of other generations rather than how millenials describe themselves.

I’m in that generation.  Most people my age are hard-working.  They have multiple jobs and can’t make ends meet.  Tech-savviness is a necessity now, especially when applying for jobs.  There’s no such thing as “pounding the pavement” anymore.  Most larger companies send people to their websites. That can often be a handicap because potential employees may not have all the qualifications on paper, but do well on interviews.

People in this generation have no choice but to be entrepreneurial, and opportunistic.  In many cases that’s the only way to find work.  I know a lot of people who have started their own businesses.  If I wasn’t willing to be my own business as a Freelancer, I wouldn’t get anywhere.

This graphic underrepresents how the workplace has changed over the last decade.  Technology means you can work whenever, and however you like.  The conventional definition of “working” meaning in an office/ workplace has drastically shifted.  Reality needs to catch up with it.