I have so many conflicting thoughts about this one, it’s hard to stick to one  or two coherent ideas.

The first few centre around the defense lawyer Marie Henein. A lot of people hold the opinion she was re-victimizing the complainants by questioning their stories.  That perception might actually be partially the crown’s fault because they built their case around these women and provided no real evidence backing them up, so there was nothing else to defend against.  Henein had no choice but to make these women the centre of the defense.

I’ve noticed that Henein didn’t even touch the actual allegations.  The silence on that speaks louder than words.  On some level I wonder if she realizes she likely has a guilty client, or at the very least a distasteful one.

The other part might be the women themselves.  It’s difficult for anyone to put themselves in the places of these women.    What makes them qualified to say what the police should, and shouldn’t know? If they’re determined to make Ghomeshi pay they should be telling police, and crown attorneys everything no matter how insignificant the detail.  But then again the fact they didn’t might be down to ill-preparation on behalf of the crown, and police.

And then there’s the infamous 5,000 Facebook messages between DeCouture and the second complainant.  That’s enough to cause suspicion. Why would they exchange messages? and how do they know each other?  It looks like it’s more than coincidence.  And the appearance alone may be enough to get Ghomeshi off on these offenses.

Memory can be a fickle thing.  Time dims the details, and it’s natural  to misremember a car’s colour or model, or what you’ve said in an email. It’s nobody’s fault. But it is a fact of life, and I don’t think we can ignore that potentially played a role in the complainants’ statements.

Media relies a lot on reputations.  Whatever happens next, Ghomeshi is finished.  If he’s guilty it will likely be jail time.  If he’s not guilty then the reputation is ruined because of the rumours, and his Facebook post announcing his habits.  Who will want a guy who that treats women like that? Hopefully nobody