It started off as a joke.  Donald Trump as President? Does he really want it? Is he aware of the limits it would place on his time, mobility? Here is a man who doesn’t like to be told what to do.   The thought of a businessman in politics isn’t that outlandish; proverbially speaking.  In general who better to control money? Or who better to appear incorruptible as someone who is independently wealthy.

It’s the thought of this particular businessman that’s laughable.  He was a reality TV star with several bankruptcies to his name, best-known for the words: “You’re fired.”  But it isn’t funny anymore.

It stopped being funny the more outlandish things he said.  Wanting to ban Muslims until they figured out what’s going on with ISIS? It’s ridiculous.  Building a wall around Mexico and making Mexicans pay for it? nonsense.

It stopped being funny as the delegate count rose for Trump, and the more reasonable candidates dropped out (I liked Jeb Bush for example).  And now it’s just scary.  He gets up on his podium at the rallies and pretty much adlibs his speeches.  He singles out each protester and nearly demands they be forced to leave, often inspiring his supporters to such fervency that not even they know what’s going on.  The ultimate irony is that part of his talk is about a guarantee of free speech, of the freedom to assemble.  And this from a man who supposedly wants to lead the free world.

They say you get the leader you deserve.  I think America is better than this.  I think you deserve better than this crass manipulation. Show me I’m right.