Spoiler Alert: House of Cards Season 4



I’ve finished watching season 4 of House of Cards on Netflix.  For those that don’t know it follows the adventures, and scandals of Francis “Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), and his wife Claire (Robin Wright).

I didn’t like season 3 very well.  I thought the writing, and storylines weren’t that great.  I thought the whole Doug Stamper still being alive story slowed the show’s pace a lot.

So I was a little nervous about series 4.  My nerves were unjustified.  The pacing had returned, and so had the clever asides from Frank to the audience which were one of the best parts of the show.

The first few episodes were very Claire-centric as we got a taste of her background and a look at what makes her tick.  Ellen Burstyn plays her mother as a kind of a Texas matriarch.  Frank was very much in the reactionary role as he tried to manipulate circumstances to get her back, and foil her political ambitions.

Events in episode 5 force an end to Claire’s Texas exile as Frank is shot while on the campaign trail.  She is forced back to the bedside, and manages a little statecraft at the same time.

Forces begin aligning against the Underwoods in the latter part of the season, as a team of journalists investigating the President’s deeds.  They release a story  with comments on the record from other key characters.  Instead of destroying Frank, and Claire it only serves to unite them, and set the country on a dangerous course.

House of Cards has been renewed by Netflix for season 5.  I think it’ll end up being the last.

House of Cards musings:

  • If Machiavelli and Lady Macbeth had a kid it would be Claire Underwood
  • Frank’s asides to the audience are the best parts of the show
  • Like mother like daughter
  • The truth will always come out, no matter how long it takes.

See a trailer for House of Cards here: