I studied Journalism at Sheridan College in their “new media” program.  As a component of its career management course we all had to do internships.  I ended up doing mine at 680News in Toronto on their overnight shift 3 days/ week.

Surprisingly very little happened then during the 0vernight hours in downtown Toronto.  So there wasn’t much to do in the way of on-air opportunities.  My job included writing scripts based around stories I got off the wires, and editing occasional clips.

It was enough to give me a taste of it.  It was enough to make me see the raw power of words to paint a picture using only my voice. I came away from the experience thinking to myself: “If I get the chance to do this again, I definitely will.”

Fast forward to 2016.  Halton Radio opened its offices earlier this month.  I went to their opening, and talked briefly talked with their owner. I was invited back a second time and went on air.

It has turned into a weekly gig.  I go on once a week, (Wednesdays) talk about the stories I’m covering on Diversity Reporter’s website.  It gives me a chance to promote Diversity Reporter, and gives me the chance to do radio again.

This week I’m on at 1pm Wednesday.  The time is subject to change based on the week.  Please follow my Twitter feed for more details.