We know Kevin Vickers as the former Sergeant-at-Arms, responsible for security at the Parliament buildings in Ottawa.  The story goes that he is the one whose bullet killed Michael Zehaf-Bibeau two years ago when he attacked Parliament.

He’s been named Canada’s Ambassador to Ireland and on Thursday hit the news again for taking down a protester at a memorial service honouring British soldiers who died in an uprising in 1916.

The video of it seen here has gone viral.  The protester admitted he expected to get caught.  Vickers attended the memorial as a guest of the Irish government.  The reaction  has been extremely mixed on social media.  Some have called his actions ‘unfitting for a diplomat’ others an over-reaction.  More people though are finding humour in it, and giving him credit.  Some even accuse him of taking sides in the long bitter battle over Irish independence.

Kevin Vickers wrestles with a Protester


I love this story.  Vickers’ reputation as a man of action, and Canadian hero precedes him.  In taking down a protester he only embellished it.    He was only acting out of reflex taught by RCMP training. Nobody was killed or injured, and few realized it was happening.  Fewer still realized that it was the Canadian Ambassador who took down the protester.

He made a splash in a typically Canadian understated way.  That’s what makes this my story of the week.