Wars should be remembered.  If not for the reasons that caused them so we can learn, then for the heroic deeds, and sacrifices from their participants.  June 6, 2016 marked the 72nd anniversary of D-Day (or Operation Overlord).

Canadian troops were among the allied soldiers who stormed Juno Beach. It’s said those soldiers gained the most ground of any allied force that day.  And it went largely ignored, and unrecognized.

There was no laying of wreaths at war memorials, or official statements from the Prime Minister.  Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan made a statement dated June 5 referencing “Canadian Armed Forces day,” but nothing on that day.  I googled Prime Minister Trudeau D-Day statement and came up with a statement he made on Earth Day.

I get that the Liberal government wants to re-jig the image, and return Canada to this touchy-feely peacekeeping, and humanitarian role.  But that shouldn’t exclude acknowledging our history, and being proud of it.

The soldiers who fought are up into their 90’s, and a lot are in failing health.  Most are willing to speak of their experiences.  We need to grab hold of that knowledge, keep a record of it.  Or else we’ll be doomed to repeat the mistakes.

It doesn’t take very long to remember.  Five minutes to consider what happened early on the morning of June 6,1944 and say thank you.