Summer’s a good time to catch up on movies I’ve missed. I watched Spooks: The Greater Good (aka MI-5).  It follows on the hit British TV show that ran from 2002-2011 about the goings-on inside the counter-terrorist unit of MI-5.

The movie was based around the charismatic Harry Pearce (Peter Firth).  It starts off with a sequence where a prisoner transfer to the CIA goes south, and he’s broken out of prison triggering hints of a mole.  Pearce takes the blame, and looks likely to be decommissioned.  He jumps off Waterloo Bridge or does he?

Kit Harrington enters the picture as Will Holloway; a young agent decommissioned by Harry.  Because of his relationship with Harry he’s pulled into a car, and flown back to London to help with the situation.

This sets off a race against time as Harry struggles to recapture the prisoner before London is attacked. Fans of the show will say it feels like an 1.5 hour long episode of the series, and that isn’t neccesarily a bad thing.

Peter Firth is centre of this movie.  He makes viewers question Harry’s motives, resolves them, and then question them again.  By the end of the movie you’re still not entirely sure he isn’t completely turned to the bad side.

Kit Harrington plays Will as a shattered hero looking for answers.  He wants to know what happened to his father, also an MI-5 agent, and why he was decommissioned.  And does believe enough in the service to rejoin it?

Grade: 8/10.  Worth checking out for old fans who’ve followed the series, and new. The only thing missing were the occasional glimpses into the characters’ relationships, and backstories.