It’s a thought that scares the life out of most people.  But we have to admit it’s a pretty strong possibility.

His speech at the Republican National Convention presented a gloomy, negative picture  of America.  It spent a lot of time blaming the Democrats, and ignoring that Republicans have had just as much to do with the issues plaguing the country.  Even though a lot of it was fact-checked, and proven wrong or selective, it held up a mirror for America to see its problems.

This man has charisma, and he has conviction.  He believes everything he says, as he’s saying it.  It makes it easier to gather followers, and for them to believe it too, no matter how outrageous the statement.  This is why he could win- the simple force of his personality.

There’s an old saying: “If you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth.*”  There is a bit of this going on with Trump too.  Crooked Hillary, is his favourite way to refer to his opponent. There’s enough in Hillary Clinton’s background to give the appearance of wrong-doing.  He believes it to be true, and his followers will believe it too..  “Crooked Hillary” is an  easy to remember nickname with a negative impression.  And they’ll take his word for it.

There are the Democrats themselves.  They became their own worst enemy over the weekend as 20,000 emails were leaked by WikiLeaks.  They suggest Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz favoured a Clinton candidacy over Saunders.  It’s cost her a job.  And making matters worse is the fact she was given a post as “honourary co-chair” of Hillary’s campaign.   It lends weight to that suggestion, and the idea of the system being fixed against Sanders as presented by Trump.

A Trump presidency is a frightening thought.  Failure to admit it could happen and why is even worse.

*= Several sources attribute the quote to Josef Goebels