Last week the Democratic Party had their chance at centre stage in a history-making convention.  Their strategy: To paint Hillary Clinton as different from Donald Trump as day is from night.  And they wanted to address the main criticism of their candidate: that she didn’t seem human, and was difficult to make a connection with.

Did it work?? In a way it did.  We caught glimpses of Hillary through stories told by Bill Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton.  It adjusted her image to one of a caring, compassionate, person more comfortable with the “service” part of public service.  Someone who struggles with the line of private vs. public.  Who can’t relate to this?

That relatability will be tested over the coming weeks.  Can she rise above the noise and continue hammering home her vision for America? Or will she be pulled down to Trump’s level, and forced to react to every crazy, and controversial thing he says? Too much reaction wastes the work, and success of the convention.

There are two stark, flawed choices in front of the American electorate.  One a loud reality-show guy speaking what some see as truth; loud and long.  His vision full of questionable facts, fueled by a temperament as changeable as the wind, and quotes that seem to go straight from his brain, and out of his mouth without thought.

The other: a history-making candidate with a seemingly better thought out platform who has spent their adult lives in public service.  Hillary’s vision creates a compassionate America, but her flaw is that people can’t seem to connect with her. In an election where every vote will matter, that’s a potentially fatal flaw.

It may come down to those flaws. Whose will voters accept? The question will be answered November 8, 2016.  Meanwhile, it’s game on, gloves off.