Summer’s the perfect time for reading.  I’ve caught up on a couple of series, and discovered a new one.

Crossfire Series: Books 1, and 2:

Book 2 of Crossfire Series

Sylvia Day’s tale follows the tale of two people who find themselves consumed by the other.  It’s along very similar lines to the Fifty Shades’ of Grey series, but Day’s novels seem better planned.  It tells a more  passionate, romantic story populated with flawed characters; and you get to find out why they’re flawed.  I’ve  read online there is a television series in the works.  Grade: 9/10



Outlander: “Drums of Autumn“: Book 4  in Diana Galbadon’s series manages 2 time periods, and 2 continents.  It flips between Jamie and Claire in 1700’s America telling of their struggles with the new frontier, and  1960’s America and Scotland featuring their daughter Brianna, and Roger Wakefield.  What happens when Brianna makes the decision to travel through the stones? Will she find Jamie & Claire?  The book answers these questions in great detail.   Grade: 10/10: It’s a page-turner for the final 200 or so pages.


JustinCroninThe Passage: Book 1 of Justin Cronin’s science-fiction/horror/ thriller tells the story of Amy.  She’s abandoned by her mother as a young child, then made part of some secret government experiments that take a turn for the worst leading to an apocalyptic outcome.  Despite the gloomy premise Cronin manages to add touches of humanity to it through the characters.  8/10

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