What is it? It’s a proposed 400 series highway joining the Niagara area with Vaughn taking it through the Niagara peninsula, including Milton.

The first two phases concerned the Environmental Assessment (E.A.), and planning for potential routes.  Last spring an update was posted on their website announcing the suspension of work on the E.A. and a review of work done to date on the project.

It reads in part:  “A panel has been tasked with conducting a strategic assessment of the alternatives to meeting future transportation demand and other transportation infrastructure needs for passenger and goods movement in the GTA West corridor in light of these changes.”  The review was  triggered by a shift in government focus towards climate change.  The focus includes expanded transit, and a move towards developing more technology such as driverless cars.

There has been significant opposition from environmentalists, and municipalities alike.  There is some fear as to what would happen to farmland, and the newly-expanded greenbelt.  In the broader picture a new highway doesn’t fit with a government agenda concerned about climate change.  How do you reconcile the two?