Aloha follows the story of Military contractor Brian Gilcrest (Bradley Cooper) as he returns to the site of professional successes in Hawaii, and reconnects with a lost love Tracy (Rachel McAdams).  He’s minded by an over-eager Air force captain Allison Ng (Emma Stone), and sparks fly.

It’s a movie full of unrealized potential.  There are hints of a dark sense of humour but they don’t fully commit to it.  Cooper plays Gilcrest as cynical and hard-shelled which should be a recipe for laughs when set against Emma Stone’s Allison but it’s not.  Stone’s character comes across as being more obnoxious, and irritating.  While the chemistry is there between her, and Cooper it doesn’t play well for jokes.  John Krasanksi as “Woody” is the best part of the movie, doing more with gestures, and his handful of lines.

The storyline is choppy.  The movie takes place around Christmas time, which isn’t immediately obvious, as is the time jump after the holidays.  It feels like there are two separate stories instead of one.  The first a potential love triangle between Brian, Tracy and Alison, and the second about what Brian’s involved in.  The ending feels like they’re in a hurry to make them mesh together.

Grade: 7/10: It’s a cast who have plenty of chemistry with each other, but a story that lets them down.