I’ve been following the Rio Olympics on television; watching live competition and recaps daily.  I even have the app on my phone.  Here are my stand-out moments after the first full week of competition.

Simone Manuel and Penny Oleksiak



  1. Penny Oleksiak: This has to be the feel-good story of the games.  4 medals: 1, gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze at age 16.  She’s thoughtful, and well-spoken in interviews.   The best part was the look of joy when she realized she’d won gold Wednesday. The hug with fellow gold-medalist Simone Manuel once Penny realized what they both achieved was an example of what the Olympic spirit is all about.

2.   Canadian Women: From the success of the Canadian Swim Team, to women’s rugby, or the women’s soccer team and rowing; Canadian women are kicking butt and responsible for the entirety of Canada’s nine medals.  Way to role model ladies!

3. Way (not) to role model: Hope Solo demonstrated the art of being a sore loser.  The goal keeper for team USA had a lot to say following a loss to Team Sweden.  She called their opponents “cowards” because of their defensive-minded strategy.  Solo was called out on it by Canadian bronze-medal winning Rugby player: Jen Kish. Kish tweeted to Solo saying: “Why say this stuff.  #Be a better role model.”  The Americans are eliminated from medal contention.  Canada moves on to the semi-finals.

Elliotte Friedman

4. Give Elliotte Friedman a break: He’s a fill-in commentator for swimming after Steve Armitage was unable to do it because of health concerns.  He mistook Ryan Lochte for Michael Phelps. In this business everyone makes those kinds of mistakes.  I’ve made a few with dates on my articles.  One time I was doing radio, and it was my partner who made the mistake.  The only way is to laugh it off, apologize, and move on.

5. Boxing Commentators: Watched a boxing bout yesterday and got a big kick out of the commentators.  One was a British guy of course, and the other a Scotsman.  The Scottish guy had an accent that was a little hard to follow, but you got an ear for it after a while.

What are some of your Olympic moments for the first week? Hit me up on Twitter @miltonlaura