Milton Hydro may soon be hiking their monthly rates.  In a notice posted on their website they announced an application to the Ontario Energy Board (O.E.B.) for permission to raise their rates because of lost revenue “as a result of the implementation of conservation and demand management programs.”  Apparently hydro users have gotten too good at conservation.

This is only the start of the process.  The O.E.B. must hold a public hearing, and take into account all feedback.  The public can be involved in the process by writing a letter within two months of the publication to be submitted to the panel responsible for approving the raise.

Or they can apply for “intervenor” status.  Intervenors can include customers, consumer & trade associations, environmental & regional interest groups, and other interest groups.  These people can participate by submitting arguments, questions, evidence or by examining/ cross-examining a witness in an oral hearing.

Milton Hydro has links to the full application here.  To find out how to send letters, or register as an intervenor see the Ontario Energy Board’s website.