The Liberals have been in office since 2003.  They’ve been through a lot from scandals such as Ornge, e-Health, the power plants  to successes such as: all-day kindergarten, and yes even the recent agreement on increasing the CPP, which if we’re honest- there was never going to be a perfect time to introduce.  They’ve survived a second leader.

They demonstrated they’ve stopped listening.  This throne speech should never have been about anything accept hydro, and how much people are hurting in trying to pay for it.  It should’ve been about changing course, and admitting a failed approach on Green Energy.  It should’ve been about stalling the sale of Hydro One, freezing hydro prices, and taking the HST off the bills.  It should’ve been about how this would no longer be a province where people have to pick between food, and keeping the power on.

Instead it re-announced pretty much every single policy initiative the Liberals have done, and are about to do.  It was an exercise in patting themselves on the back for all the great things they’ve been doing; creating jobs, Cap& Trade, and building transit.  We know you’re doing it, and that’s great; fabulous even.  But we wanted help for our hydro.

It threw out a single bone.  It took the 8% provincial portion of the HST off the bills.  That will save somewhere in the neighbourhood of $130/yr or a little over $10/month.  Is it a savings though when you consider estimates by some that the new carbon tax will cost households an additional $13/ month, and hydro prices will still be going up?

This was the clearest demonstration to-date the Liberals have stopped listening.  Nobody cares about jobs, education, or climate change if they can’t afford to keep the lights on.  If  Premier Wynne can’t face the truth, it’s time for her to move on.