In a debate where both parties did what they needed to do, there are no winners. That’s exactly what happened last night Hillary needed to appear like she had a plan.  She needed to appear calm, and land a few jabs at her opponent.  In these things she was successful.

Donald Trump only needed to appear calm.  He needed to stick to his talking points and be clear on them.  He was mostly successful in these things.  However, he didn’t take enough advantage of the points where she left herself open.

At one point Clinton mentioned the email.  You want to be the one controlling your own flaws.  But he could’ve pressed home the massive dump of emails that called Bernie an asshole, and connected it to her character.  He could’ve mentioned Benghazi; something a lot of people think she still has to answer for.  Trump had less to lose, so he played it safe doing what was expected of him.

Last night’s debate might’ve remade the whole election question from who do you want to be President to who can screw America up the least? In a sane, logical world, the answer to this would be Hillary Clinton.  But this election has been anything but sane, and logical.  The version of Hillary Clinton that appeared last night; spirited, knowledgeable  and Presidential needs to appear on the campaign trail. If she does this, she’ll win.

All Donald Trump has to do is continue being  Donald Trump; albeit a bit toned down. It’s easier for him to do that, because he’s never strayed from this.  This is going to be a bumpy ride.