I cringe every time I put on CNN these days.  It resembles more tabloid news, and less serious news they made their name on.  Every night the same panel of so-called experts talking about Donald Trump’s latest tawdry antics.  It’s enough to make many of us roll our eyes, and question our own sanity.

Ditto for this election cycle.  It gets crazier as it winds to a close.  But the questions keep mounting.  The sexual assault allegations are important.  They lead to questions about Trump’s suitability for public office.  But what damage would it do to the alleged victims if their allegations get lost in the noise? Force them to re-live his supposed actions once during this campaign, and again afterwards when we’ve forgotten?  Isn’t it more important for them to seek a solution in a court-of-law first then public opinion?

The Democrats are the obvious candidates for the answer to “who leaked the Trump tape.”  And if they did, it should raise issues with Hillary’s character as well.  Is there any level she wouldn’t stoop to in order to win? Is this the kind of woman we want as an example to our girls? Ambition but at what cost? And there are lingering questions over Ben Ghazi- it could’ve been prevented, so why wasn’t it? The latest dump of emails reveals a certain two-facedness.

Clinton criticises Trump for wanting a more positive relationship with Russia.  In a speech to Goldman Sachs she described her vision.  “Obviously we would very much like to have a positive relationship with Russia and we would like to see Putin be less defensive toward a relationship with the United States, so that we could work together on some issues.” Why not press on this?

People get wrapped up in their daily lives working, and looking after their families.  How many actually paying attention to all of this? That’s the real danger.  We could end up with a lot of voters who choose Trump as a protest vote

All these questions surround this election as it closes.