My parents are both baby boomers.  Both had one job/ career their whole working lives, and then retired with a decent pension, and good benefits.  For my generation- the Millennials, that kind of life is gone.   And any hope of achieving it is rapidly disappearing.

When I was younger I was told to prepare for at least 4 career changes in my working lifetime.  Finance Minister Bill Morneau commented on  this, calling it “job churn.” He described as having several careers over a lifetime, and being subjected to short-term employment/ contracts.  It didn’t come as a shock when he made these comments.  Even as he proceeded to talk about how the government could prepare for this reality.

I was however surprised at how much his comments clashed with the whole “Sunny ways” positive attitude of the Trudeau Liberals. To go from a “we can get through it, everything’s fine here” to admitting this is reality  is a cold shower.  The other side of it is that younger voters brought Trudeau to power.  It’s cruel to tell them that they’re doomed to a life of short-term employment, and no pension or health benefits.  But it’s also reality.

Now that he has acknowledged it, what can Morneau do?  I’m not sure the federal government can do much.  They’ve got re-training programs in place, and a beefed-up CPP.  Government related programs in terms of grants/ tax cuts are usually provincial.  Regionally they can fund things like infrastructure programs to build bridges, improve roads, etc.  This might help short-term, but looking longer-term you need sustainable stable employment.  Those kind of jobs are best created by the private sector.

Morneau spoke up and gave us a taste of bitter medicine.  Now it’s time to adjust to the new reality.

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