I’m at the tail-end of the Millennial generation.  I read a CBC article last night about how Millennials come fresh out of school with a degree, and can’t find a stable job in their field. So  they’re stuck doing retail jobs for little money, and no benefits.

I’ve got a newsflash for you: A degree doesn’t automatically mean a job.  For example, a Bachelor of Arts isn’t directly applicable to any field.  But it has helped me with my critical thinking skills, and given me an ability to see the full picture of a situation.  I have still had to hustle, and work hard.

The economy isn’t the greatest right now.  Sometimes all you can find are those retail jobs.  And to be blunt; you’re lucky you can find that.  I can’t the count how many I’ve applied to retail jobs, and have never heard a thing.  Or have gotten an interview but not the job.  It isn’t nice, but that’s life.  You have to take what you can get.

Working multiple jobs is reality too; it has been for as long I’ve been working.  There have been points where I’ve worked as many as three at one time.  It’s tough to work without health benefits, but that’s another harsh reality.  It’s expensive to run a business in Ontario, and when corners are cut, it’s usually the benefits that come first.

There are ways around the “unstable job”.  Take the job.  Prove yourself indispensable to the organization.  Show off your other skills, and advance.  Or take the job, work for a few years.  In your spare time, volunteer in your field; there are priceless opportunities to network.

Or open your mind to the other possibilities.  For the mechanical engineer, why not apply yourself to learning about the design part of it? Or the Public Relations’ trained person, why not hang out your shingle, and specialize in something?

It isn’t easy to figure out a career.  But with a little hard work anything is possible.  You’ve just got to be willing to do it. And that goes for anything in life.